NestFIT Technology


The first shoes truly made to fit human feet.

In the past, the conventional shoe last was always made for a general foot shape. From the earliest days until now, not much has changed in the shape of the shoe. Treksta’s NestFIT technology was finally born from measurements of about 20,000 individual feet; human feet … just like yours.

NestFIT has retained the natural curve and angle of the toe box. Unlike conventional ones, NestFIT’s revolutionary final shape ensures that the upper, insole, midsole and outsole fit your feet perfectly, providing a customised fit like no other. Moreover, NestFIT allows your toes to spread naturally for better balance without pinching.

NestFIT technology is a revolutionary technology and provides maximum comfort for your feet.

Using 3D scanning technology, we analysed the feet of more than 20,000 people and created a contour map to comfortably map the 226 bones and 33 joints in human foot. Therefore, NestFIT Last keeps your feet perfectly comfortable compared to all other Outdoor shoes. NestFIT reduces pressure on your feet by 23% and reduces muscle fatigue by 31% With NestFIT, you will enjoy all your outdoor activities with more fun and comfort.

In short; NestFIT makes a huge difference.




At Treksta Scandinavian, we don’t believe in compromise. While other shoes force you to choose between grip and durability, HyperGrips’ patented rubber compound gives you the best of both. HyperGrip is a world-leading brand in high-quality rubber soles for outdoor, work and leisure markets. Since 1988, HyperGrip has been producing the most advanced outdoor soles with the latest equipment and designs.

For more than 25 years, the bright red oval logo has stood for quality and our passion for innovation. With the traction and toughness to conquer any terrain, HyperGrip makes sure you decide how far you go, not your shoes.



Necessity is the mother of ingenuity. The idea for IceLock came about when we woke up one morning to a snow-covered path when we had a big tour planned. Also when that day it was aborted because the path changed from mud to packed snow as the height of the hill increased.

The frustration of not being able to continue made us consider the solution of not having to buy a different pair of shoes for every surface. Our outdoor lifestyle required a year-round solution, regardless of weather conditions and surfaces. A totally new innovative solution in the form of IceLock finally provided the solution

ICELOCK is constructed with filaments of micro glass that are magnetically aligned, creating a slip that stops surface tension. This ultimately ensures optimum grip on slippery surfaces such as ice, for example.

The vertically aligned filaments also ensure the longevity of the sole.



Create glove-like fit with speed

Treksta Boa

You probably recognise it, you’re out and about and the lace comes off. Your hands are cold, your laces are wet and dirty. Then try tying your laces again, it’s not easy. The Boa lacing system offers tailor-made comfort with smooth and even closure in the fastest way. Just a twist of a knob and your shoes close perfectly around the foot, AND they stay securely closed.

The steel shoelace is specially developed for the Boa system and tested with thousands of field applications. It is made of 19 individual super-strong strands of aircraft-quality stainless steel.

These strands are braided together to form a durable, abrasion-resistant, super-strong lace. These laces are then wrapped with a specially formulated technical polymer coating for a smooth, durable and friction-free surface.

Key features

Glove-like fit: the Boa closure system offers tailored comfort with smooth, even closure and no pressure points.

Powerful closure: once in place, the Boa holds the setting.

Durable: Boa laces are made of aircraft-grade stainless steel and are stronger per gram than tank armour.

Lightweight: Boa repels water, mud and ice.